My Road To 88K in 5 Months
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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – My Secret To Success


How To Achieve Your Dream Lifestyle By Starting & Promoting An Online “Franchise Like” Business with Digital Products Instead of Only Promoting Digital Products.

1. Virtual assistants can be assigned to your business for only $250 a month who handle 80% of the day to day operations.

2. Appointment setters can be assigned to your business as a VIP only…as it is a premium service where the AP’s call all of your leads, register them for a live webinar, build relationships with them and follow up then close sales all for you earning 30% of the sale.

3. Live Events- 8FDL has held events in Laguna Beach, CA and Vail Colorado this past October. We had 25 VIP’s attend in June then 60 VIP’s attend in October. The live events are only for VIP’s and provide training on how to earn “30K in 60 Days”.

4. Support provided by other 30K a month earners 2X a Day 5X a week in training webinars.

5. Access to other 30K a month earners within our Skype and Facebook communities.

6. On Boarding services for everyone member helping you to get up and marketing within 3 days…..with our proven tools and software and swipe audio files and text files.

7. Closing Sales Support is provided via 3 way calls and zoom screen share technology with other 30K a month earners. 

8. Opportunity to earn 100% commissions selling the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle business memberships. 80% of new members join at $6500, $12,500 or $22,000. 

9. Financing opportunities are available for all prospects and members. 

10. Live webinars are presented 4 days a week providing a much needed transparent overview of a very lucrative business model.