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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review

Have You Heard Of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

Yes, I have heard of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

My story was, I had a job for 25 years that came with a 2-hour one-way commute. Living in New York, married with 2 kids, it is quite expensive raising a family which is why I always remained open-minded.

After failing for 15 years joining biz op after biz op, many MLM’s like Amway, Melaleuca and Empower Network, I was still searching for that one business model that had the complete package. I found a similar business model to 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle 3+ years ago, and after 5 months I had made $100,000 following their system.

8 figure dream lifestyle scam

8 figure dream lifestyle

 What separates 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle apart from everyone else are 8 very important things:

  • The commissions are a very high 100%. This is unheard of and very rare. The commissions range from 2K all the way to 21K per commission. 8FDL also has 3 other passive income streams. Many of members generate 1–2 sales a month which end up a $10-$20K per month income stream.
  • The products are legitimate current digital educational products that anyone would pay for if they did not join 8FDL for the opportunity. Also, some of the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Products inherently share how to create multiple income streams. The 8FDL products include:
  • 8 figure dream lifestyle scam

    8 figure dream lifestyle

  • Personal Development– Learn success principles from a real estate mogul who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.
  • Amazon- Learn how to create your own Amazon store from a top Amazon store owner who has made over $20 million dollars. This is obviously a huge additional income stream when implemented.
  • Personal Branding from Pamela Herrmann – Pamela’s clients include among others American Express and JetBlue.
  • Facebook Advertising from Tai Lopez’s & Les Brown’s own Facebook Agency. This is obviously a huge additional income stream when implemented.
  • Youtube Marketing from Russel Brunson’s own Youtube expert. This is obviously a huge additional income stream when implemented.
  • SalesTechniques from Jeremy Miner who is accomplished 7 figure earner doing exactly what he teaches.
  • How to monetize your Favorite Passion using Facebook Communities. Currently, I have a Facebook Fan Page around my passion of Classic Rock and Roll which will in turn  become a new income stream selling all sorts of products. Check out my fan page here -> Addicted 2 Classic Rock – This is obviously a huge additional income stream when implemented.

3. With over 1400 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle members, a Facebook group and multiple Skype groups, there is plenty of support and real members to interact on a daily basis.

8 figure dream lifestyle scam

8 figure dream lifestyle

4. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle exists to help each of their members generate results/success. When you have success and results it is encouraged to give back and contribute back to the community. As someone who gives back, you are nominated to Mentorship. With over 25 Mentors, they conduct 17 live training sessions a week around Personal Development, Basic to Advanced Training and Calling Prospects phone sessions. Above all, each mentor’s phone number is available for the entire membership to call on for 3 way calls to assist in closing a sale. Truly unheard of.

5. Outsourcing is one of the keys to achieving results because it eliminates the tedious technical tasks to a virtual assistant at pennies on the dollar. This basically allows each member to join no matter how non technical you may be…which is why many successful members are retirees in their 70’s and 80’s.

6. Marketing and advertising is the key to any business which is why 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle commits to sharing its best Lead sources and marketing techniques with it’s membership. In fact, a lot of testing and marketing dollars are spent in order to prevent it’s members from testing on their own. A new lead source was just announced and we are seeing almost one $6K or a $12K sale or a $21K sale for every $1000-$2000 spent. Not bad right?

7. In House Financing Availability –as a franchise-like online business model with a high barrier for entry, 8FDL is aware many won’t have the necessary funds to start which is why our In House Financing division was put in place. With over 90% of entrepreneurs starting any business (traditional or not) using other people’s money like a credit line….currently, we are in position to help you (upon qualification) acquire a credit line up to $35,000.

8. Live Events-

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle hosts 3 live events around the world every year. In 2017, 8FDL had events in San Diego, San Francisco and Miami Florida. With over 150+ members attending, it is the place to be to meet fellow members and hob knob with top earners, trainers and speakers.

8 figure dream lifestyle scam

8 figure dream lifestyle

In my opinion, I emphatically endorse 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle to others because it is an excellent business with real members achieving success with real current state of the art digital products and a true opportunity to make multiple income streams.

Coach Jerry Maurer has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and after finding 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, Jerry went from Underdog to Superman within 5 months earning a high 6 figure income in the process making his family dreams come true!

I realize today’s world is very technical and impersonal which is why I include one on one coaching, guidance, and mentorship to help you succeed. I will be here to answer your questions and once you decide this is a good fit for yourself, I will become your personal coach to help you succeed.

Feel free to call me directly at 516..500..1042 at and you can watch my complete business overview at

8 figure dream lifestyle