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Secret Tools

Tools to help you build your business!! Here is ONE piece of STRONG advice. Some of my TOOLS are the best Money Making Opportunities EVER! Call me for a recommendation.






MLM Recruit on Demand Marketing System-  

This is a great low cost ($15) marketing system you can use to front all of your marketing and all the while you are promoting your ILN business inside the MLMROD members area.

Title: How Can MLM Recruit on Demand Help My Business?
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Send Out Cards sending physical greeting cards in the mail has always been a strategy to gain referrals, say thank you, happy birthday, etc…This is a no brainer.




Aweber –Be a professional marketer by building your OWN list. Aweber is one of the most dependable and respected auto responder companies.  For example, the form (on the landing page) you entered your name, email and phone number is a webform I created using my own Aweber account. All of the leads are captured using my own webform which builds my own list. 

It’s the gold standard for email deliver ability, and more important, is really the crux of your whole business.  never skimp on your autoresponder.  Your list IS your business.  Your allegiance should ALWAYS be to your list rather than a particular MLM company.  Period.


This is my #1 resource for newbies and advanced marketers who want the best, easiest and most duplicatable method for creating capture pages, sales pages, webinar capture pages integrated with GoTo Webinar and Google Hangouts. Click here for the Lead Pages sales page!



HOSTING-SERVERS-ETC..MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION FOR ANYTHING TECHNICAL IS LIQUIDWEB. This company has always been there for me! Trust me! You want a company with great customer service and no long waiting on the phone. This company is worth the price!!!

Liquid Web Fully Managed Web Hosting



Education- this is more important than anything else

Stumbling upon the videos with Magnetic Sponsoring was like a huge light bulb went off in my head. I tribute these FREE videos as the start of my business becoming a real business!!! I highly recommend you watch these videos and then pick up the Magnetic Sponsoring e book. It changed my life and I know it will for you too.

Magnetic Sponsoring– this is the video course that opened my eyes to understanding real attraction marketing!! If you have not seen this free videos, do so now…and purchase the $39 book. Trust me. MS is a MUST READ!