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First, I want to say thank you for your interest. I’ve been generating thousands of dollars online for many years now, but it’s never always been this good. I struggled for years in Amway and that’s because my support team never knew how to market or advertise effectively. All of that changed as soon as I got online and worked with a few key leaders who knew marketing.
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 The Only Home Business I Endorse:

1. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle-  is a franchise like top tier company with digital products in niches of personal development, marketing, online marketing and leadership. Everyday, I generate between 15-40 red hot leads and their all interested in our franchise like online business model called 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. We will teach you how to implement the right tools to leverage lead generation into sales.
FYI- my friend Brian who made practically nothing after 3 years online actually has earned over $30,000 in his first 60 days. He credits all of his success to the simplicity and effectiveness of our proprietary lead generating system!!! 
My quick story is that even though I have been quite successful in the past 15 years with
internet marketing and building teams with network marketing companies including Melaleuca, Send Out Cards, Visalus,
Empower Network, ILN (The Internet Lifestyle Network) and Vemma…..(probably 20 other opportunities too), I have always been searching for the much “simpler path” of creating a consistent $10,000 a month business working from home.
You see, all of those other companies needed countless hours of my time and and unending supply of cashflow to support
“unproven” marketing strategies.
As a father of two, married, working full time traveling 3+ hours round trip to work 5 days a week….I needed a drastic change. 
Last July, I was introduced this top tier business model and I decided to join within 2 weeks upon my due diligence.  
I decided to start my business because of the 100% commissions.  I saw if I could make 3 sales at $3500, I would hit my goal.
My goal was to hit 3 months at $10K, and then I would consider leaving my full time job.
Well, my first month I did $16,500 and my 4th month I did $33,000. My marketing costs never exceeded $1500, but my return was huge.
In February, my wife and I decided to plan an exit strategy from my job of 27 years…and finally on April 17th, I left my full time job forever…
and to boot, in April I finished up with a $48,000 month.  This is the real deal.
I originally thought that this seemed too good to be true, but it is for real.
You see,  comes with a team marketing strategy of which will ALL be explained TONITE!
You won’t even need to do Youtube videos or spend hours on Facebook. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is truly about providing the LIFESTYLE you’ve always dreamed about.
In August I traveled to Phoenix then to Maui, Hawaii with my wife and 2 daughters for 14 days,
but still made $31,000. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and the team of amazing leaders we get to work with have made this a true DREAM COME TRUE.
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I look forward to talking with you shortly! 🙂
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