My Road To 88K in 5 Months
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Top Tier-$3500 Weekly

How Would You Like To Earn $3500 – $6500 Each & Every Week????

“In all of my years in business earning thousands online, I have never been a member of a business so simple yet made so much!!!” Jerry Maurer- Top Online Marketer & Coach

This is a complete automated online business model with a built in lead generation system capable of anyone, especially newbies of earning $10,000 a month.

In fact, my good friend Brian failed from one business to another trying one shiny object after another and made nothing for 3 years. Get this! After 6 weeks with this business, he has earned $17,000…and Brian credits his success to the real automation with this system. 

My quick story is that even though I have been quite successful in the past 15 years with
internet marketing and building teams with network marketing companies of Melaleuca, Send Out Cards, Visalus,
Empower Network, ILN, The Internet Lifestyle Network and Vemma…..(probably 20 other opportunities too)

I have always been searching for the much “simpler path” of creating a consistent $10,000 a month business working from home.
You see, all of those other companies needed countless hours of my time and and unending supply of cashflow to support
unproven marketing strategies. As a father of two, married, working full time traveling 3 hours round trip to work 5 days a week….I needed a drastic change.

Last July, I was introduced to a Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity and I decided to join within 2 weeks. I joined because this Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity pays out a real 100% commission of sales of
$3500 and up. I saw if I could make 3 sales at $3500, I would hit my goal. My goal was to hit 3 months at $10K, and then I would consider leaving my full time job.
Well, my first month I did $16,500 and my 4th month I did $33,000. My marketing costs never exceeded $1500, but my return was huge.
In February, my wife and I decided to plan an exit strategy from my job of 27 years…and finally on April 17th, I left my full time job forever…
and to boot, in April I finished up with a $48,000 month in my Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity.

This is the real deal. This seems too good to be true, but this Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity is for real.
You see, this Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity comes with a team marketing strategy of which will ALL be explained! 

The key to generating leads and sales is not in you doing internet marketing or testing the latest and greatest solo ad provider, or capture page.
You won’t even need to do Youtube videos or spend hours on Facebook. S/SM is truly about providing the LIFESTYLE you’ve always dreams about.

In August I traveled to Phoenix then to Maui, Hawaii with my wife and 2 daughters for 14 days,
but still made $31,000 in my Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity.

This Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity and the team of amazing leaders we get to work with have made this a true DREAM COME TRUE FOR FAMILY AND I.

Who is this perfect for?

-If you work full time and barely have any spare time!

-If you do not have hours and hours to learn something new!

-If you don’t have hours and hours to spend on Facebook.

-If you are tired on making “friends” on Facebook & Twitter and still wondering where is the money?

-If you want to make the BIG money ($10-20K+ a month) like the gurus.

-If you need true LEVERAGE in their LIFE and want to finally work SMART!

-If you want access to the best LEAD Generation strategy that will have 10-20 hot prospects contacting you!! (no Facebook or free strategies here)

Your Next Step!

Step 1 – To learn all about this very unique lucrative opportunity, please call my private overview line by dialing 516-200-8537. Listen to the whole call and be sure to leave me your info at the end of the call. By the way, I have generated a lot of sales and thousands simply by promoting this number. I can’t wait to help you do the same!!

Step 2 – Be sure to visit my team website at  – Be prepared to spend 60-90 minutes at the website reviewing all of the videos about the company, the products and great testimonials from other team members but most importantly, fill out Step 4 from within the website. This will give you an opportunity to share your feedback plus it proves to me your truly interested in changing your financial future.

ssm-2 After 9 months of starting this top tier business opportunity, I retired from my full time job. I even threw a party for myself with 35 of my close friends and paid for the entire tab. It was roughly a $3500 nite, but well worth it. I just did not want others to have to pay for their drinks and food when congratulating me.



In August, I was fortunate to take my beautiful wife and two daughters, Ilana and Ashley to Maui, Hawaii for 7 days. It was a vacation of a lifetime!!!



The picture above is just a sample of some of the checks I received recently. In fact, after I came back from Maui, I had $27,000 come my way all because of the marketing funnel I had in place while on vacation. Get ready cause I will teach you the exact steps to make that happen.




After 12 months promoting my Top Tier/High Ticket opportunity, I decided it was time to host my own Top Tier Workshop and in New York City!!! For the longest time, I had always wanted to host my own conference in NYC. We had 30 paid attendees and a lot was learned!!!
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